The Ghost In The Red-plum Chamber (Illustrated)

Plaks ranks Jin Ping Mei as one of the "Four Masterworks of the Ming Novel" along with Romance of the Three Kingdoms , Water Margin , and Journey to the West , which collectively constitute a technical breakthrough and reflect new cultural values and intellectual concerns. The story contains a surprising number of descriptions of sexual objects and coital techniques that would be considered fetish today, as well as a large amount of bawdy jokes and oblique but still titillating sexual euphemisms.

Some critics have argued that the highly sexual descriptions are essential, and have exerted what has been termed a "liberating" influence on other Chinese novels that deal with sexuality, most notably the Dream of the Red Chamber.

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David Roy, the novel's most recent translator, sees an "uncompromising moral vision," which he associates with the philosophy of Xunzi , who held that human nature is evil and can be redeemed only through moral transformation. The identity of the author has not yet been established, but the coherence of the style and the subtle symmetry of the narrative point to a single author.

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The "morphing" of the author from Xu Wei to Wang Shizhen would be explained by the practice of attributing "a popular work of literature to some well-known writer of the period". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Golden Lotus. Contemporary Perspectives on Chinese Civilization. University of California Press, , pp. Columbia University Press, Yang and Yang Xianyi. Plaks, Four Masterworks of the Ming Novel. Princeton University Press, , esp. John Lane, ; rpr. New York, Putnam, Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies. China portal Novels portal. Shi Nai'an 's Water Margin. Blood of the Leopard All Men Are Brothers The first diving suits were designed in s and in , English inventor John Lethbridge created the first fully-enclosed suit, consisting of watertight sleeves, a pressurised air filled barrel and a viewing hole.

These basic elements formed the foundation for the design of future diving apparatus, the technological advances of which were covered regularly in illustrated scientific periodicals of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. For anyone enchanted by the exploration of the undersea world and have an appreciation for unusual design; the photographs and illustrations of early diving suits held by the Mary Evans Picture Library are a joy to behold.

Diving dress and equipment of an amber hunter. Divers explore the wrecks of vessels torpedoed during World War One: On 21 November , while on an exercise in the English Channel. At the time the submarine was lying too deep to use ordinary diving apparatus. So the decision was made to ask for the assistance of Messrs. Neufeldt and Kuhnke, of Kiel, who specialized in deep-sea diving apparatus. A diver in an iron diving suit developed by a German company in Kiel, seen here being lowered into the sea, A diver in an electrically controlled metal diving suit attached to a cable, ready to be lowered into the sea, c.

A diver in a special iron diving suit is lowered into the sea attached to a cable, c. A man holds up a rubber diving suit used during one of many salvage operations of HMS Lutine, which sank off the Dutch coast during a storm in Bowdoin with his deep-sea diving suit. On the shoulders are two watt automobil lamps. A German underwater photographer struggles to get into his rubber diving suit, with a little help from his friends. William Walker, diver, who worked under Winchester Cathedral between and There are just eighteen oh-so-short shopping days to go until Christmas.

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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But the history of the Christmas tree stretches far further into previous centuries. Allow our timeline to take you on a pine-scented journey back in time.

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Boniface, aka Winfrid of Crediton, a missionary in Germany. One Christmas Eve he was so apparently moved by a firmament of shining stars that he recreated the spectacle for his family by standing a young fir tree in their darkened house and placing candles on its branches.

The company used the same machinery that it used to manufacture toilet brushes. Aluminium foil Christmas trees appear in America in Given annually, the tree is the central focus of Christmas carol-singing in Trafalgar Square every year. The magical collection of postcards and ephemera amassed by Peter and Dawn Cope has been represented by us here at Mary Evans for almost eight years. Read on to discover more: What sparked your interest in postcards and their illustrators?

It comes down to the fact that Dawn trained as an architect and I was trained as a graphic designer, so we love visual imagery. From there we built up an good collection of Greenaway books which were fashionable at the time. Then we began to attend book auctions at Sothebys, then held at Chancery Lane. Here we met plenty of book people who opened our eyes to other illustrators including Willebeek le Mair, Charles Robinson, Rackham, etc, etc.


On a rainy holiday trudging round a market in Truro we stumbled on a postcard album brim full of postcards illustrated by Humphrey Milford artists like Lilian Govey, Eileen Hood, Susan Pearse and Millicent Sowerby. Contained in the album were postcards sent to two children living in Plymouth by their parents who were away a lot and their grandma. This fed our appetite for more, so countless postcard fairs then ensued.

The collection has broadened to include various artists and publishers whose illustrative work epitomises social taste and the activities of the period — the years covered by our collection. She trained at the Sorbonne as a miniaturist. And when her father drank himself to death in leaving his new young wife formerly the family housemaid with a baby, Florence was obliged to seek work as a postcard and greeting card illustrator, to support the large family. I was told she worked with a magnifying glass.

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If you look at one of her postcards you will appreciate that it is carried out with the precision of a miniaturist. There is a section on the rise of women artists in our book see pages Briefly, towards the end of the nineteenth century more girls had the freedom to attend art school at a time when women were campaigning for greater independence. Enterprising women, mainly from the middle class, found that they could combine freelance commercial illustration without compromising their family duties.

And when World War 1 came along they contributed to the war effort by creating patriotic postcards featuring children, aimed at spreading propaganda to the youngest members of society. We also met many of the next generation whose artist relatives were by then deceased. Nursery china Penguin Books published about books Books on art and design. As a result we were introduced to the son of her original publisher, Augener.

He sold me several signed limited edition copies of her famous books. Our prime concern is deciding how best to keep the collection intact after we depart. Currently we are at an advanced stage of building a Filemaker database for the postcard collection which may be extended to our greeting cards and other ephemera in due course. Ideally, we will want to sell the collection as a single entity to a university library or national institution either in the UK or abroad.

One of our guests was Susan Pearse, artist of the Ameliaranne series of books from the twenties, thirties and forties, who was approaching years of age by the time the exhibition opened. Ideas and suggestions would be most welcome. In Edwardian Britain people began to venture abroad for their summer holidays.

Holland was the popular destination of choice. The Dutch were friendly and welcoming and most of them spoke English, whereas the French, after many years battling with the British, tended to be less welcoming towards British holidaymakers. Spain and Italy were too distant for all but the wealthy.

Consequently, the Dutch responded to this surge of British visitors by creating a huge market for souvenirs for the British to take home, and postcards that they could send back to their loved ones. At this time children seldom went abroad with their parents, but remained at home with their governesses, so they would receive postcards from their parents depicting Dutch children. Nowadays, Father Christmas and Santa Claus are a more or less interchangeable festive character, typifying the spirit of good Christmas cheer.

We have other similar depictions of Father Christmas in the mid th century from the Illustrated London News and the Illustrated Times, which show the holly-adorned merrymaker having a pretty hedonistic time. He was associated with the present-giving theme for good children much more than the English Father Christmas. The later 19 th century started to see a blurring of distinctions between Father Christmas and Santa Claus, and the crown of holly was sometimes replaced by a hood. The vibrant red that Santa has worn exclusively since around the s was not his sole colour choice in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods.

Father Christmas on cards and scraps can often be found in a rainbow of colours from green to blue to violet, as well as in brown and white. Red, the colour associated with St Nicholas and a Coca-Cola advertising campaign in the early thirties , won through convincingly in the end. Left In green on a Christmas and New Year card, c. Centre In blue on a Christmas card with holly, C.

Right In purple delivering presents on a postcard, Left In white on a Victorian scrap. Centre In brown on a Christmas card, c.

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If you were ever in the audience of a Chinese/Cantonese opera performance, I bet you'll never forget the intensive excitement and pleasure of that experience. Results 1 - 16 of 20 Strange Stories from Ancient China (Illustrated). Rs . The Ghost In The Red-plum Chamber (Illustrated). 14 June by Teresa Ng.

The theme of Pan was hugely popular during the s and the ball was organised by the newly launched, but fairly short-lived, Pan magazine. Covers of Pan Magazine, January and February If Pan represented the s enthusiasm for the cult of Pan, it was not the only magazine to recognise the god as a potent emblem of the times. London shirkers, London workers, Ball-room, work-room, green-room lurkers, Do you think that Pan is dead Or his lusty years are sped? Snatch each hectic careless minute, And be thankful — PAN is in it!

Do you know how many postcards you have? And are you still collecting? Do you have a particular favourite illustrator? A lot of postcard artists in this genre were women. Why do you think this is? Other than postcards, do you collect any other types of ephemera?