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Tiny organisms play big role in healthier lifestyle

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - In this Earth and Sea Project report, we zero in on something so small, you can't see them with the naked eye.

But they do a world of good.

And they can play a major role in making your own home and garden cleaner and healthier.

They're among the top attractions at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

But it's what you don't see that makes viewing these penguins and flamingos more enjoyable.

Effective micro-organisms or EM's, used to keep the water fresh, the animals healthy, and odors under control.

"Basically what is does is breaks down the bacteria that causes odor. It's very important for the guests because these penguins can get pretty stinky," said Lisa Nishikawa, a Resort Wildlife assistant.

Because EM's are non toxic, and in fact promote better health and hygiene, they can be sprayed directly on and around the animals.

They're found in nature but unfortunately we can't see them. But these guys are both aerobic and anaerobic, meaning they have to be cultured in a lab so they can do their work," said Hiromichi Nago of EM Hawaii.

That work is to break down organic materials by feeding off foul odors, while at the same time releasing nutrients, enzymes and amino acids that make for healthier and heartier gardens.

From the back yard variety, to expansive commercial farms.

"When you spray the micro-organisms they break down your fertilizers and nutrients," said Nao. "But they also suppress the disease that's out there so you can keep out fungus, aphids, and white fly in a more natural and healthy way."

And whether your talking penguins, or even household animals, the EM's can be the perfect anti-dote for PU's.

"So if you have pets like dogs, cats, bunnies, we've had people with horses buy it to keep odors out and creates another healthy condition for the environment," said Nago.

"We even put it in their food so it's something very safe and beneficial, the bacteria helps them on the inside and on the outside so it's a win-win situation for everyone," said Nishikawa.

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