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Interview with Hiromichi Nago, president of EM Hawaii, LLC. Mr. Nago has been involved in EM® in Hawaii and is a leading figure in promoting EM Technology® in the USA. We asked him about his background and goals for EM Hawaii, L.L.C., and about teacher’s workshops he held in Hawaii.

Q: How did you become involved with EM®?
I became aware of EM Technology® by chance. Mr. Toichiro Nago, President of Tropical Plants Resources Research Institute (TPR) visited our Orchid nursery in Hawaii. I was a grower for M. Miyamoto orchids in Waianae, Oahu at that time and Mr. Nago was looking for orchids to add to his collection in Okinawa. He introduced a bottle of EM-X® dietary supplement to us and mentioned their work with Effective Microorganisms in Okinawa, Japan.

Later, I had an opportunity to teach English to junior high

school students in Okinawa. During these six years I heard more about Professor Teruo Higa and his work with EM®. As a Horticulture graduate from the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture, I was very interested and went to several of his presentations. I was brought up to eat "naturally grown" foods and wanted to learn more about EM Technology® before returning to Hawaii. I contacted Professor Higa and he introduced me to EM Research Organization, Inc. (EMRO).

The organization was newly formed and going thru transition with a new President. I was asked to read Professor Higa's best selling book An Earth Saving Revolution. I made my mind that this is what I wanted to be involved with. My internship in Okinawa was mostly self directed study on various EM•1® uses (pig farms, chicken farm, waste treatment plant, etc). I was then accepted into the EM Research Organization as a researcher to start up the Hawaii operations.

Q: What are your main personal motivations and goals related to EM Technology®?
My personal motivation and feeling is that my work in promoting EM Technology® is my life mission.

I believe in Professor Higa's philosophy that this low-cost, high quality, easy-to-use Technology is essential to help society break away from a cycle of chemical-based agriculture, and to recycle organic waste, clean polluted streams and create a healthy environment. Professor Higa is very humble and passionate about his research. He travels all around the world to educate people about the Technology he developed and introduce new innovations with EM•1®. It is my goal to learn as much as possible and introduce the latest products and Technology to the people of Hawaii and abroad.
I feel very grateful to be in this position and contribute to the betterment of mankind and the environment. I wake up each day thinking who or what company can I help with EM•1®.

Q: Specifically in Hawaii, what kind of projects have you been involved in related to EM Technology®? What successes and challenges have you faced? Are there areas specific to Hawaii and its environment that are suited to EM•1® use?
We started our EM Hawaii activities in 1996, and set up a local EM•1® production facility. I oversaw the local production and distribution of EM•1® and was technical consultant for the majority of the projects. The first project we started and are still involved with is the Honolulu Zoo. We have presented the applications of EM•1® at the Zoological garden at various international conferences in New Zealand and Europe. Most recently, we finished a consulting project with McDonald's restaurant with our authorized EM•1® waste treatment dealer. We also have successfully completed two teacher workshops with the Department of Education Service Learning Department. There are a number of teachers who took the lesson into their classrooms. The children are learning about EM Technology® and teaching their parents!

We faced challenges, including being responsible for running an operation with a limited budget and personnel. However, despite these challenges we have learned to run it as business, partnering with the right people and slowly increasing EM•1® use and sales.

Q: What future projects are you hoping to start in Hawaii? What are your short-term and long-range goals?
Ever since the discharge of 20 million gallons of raw sewage into the Ala Wai Canal which flows into Ala Moana and Waikiki Beach, I have been attending "Waste Water Spill Response Committee" meetings with various concerned parties to introduce EM•1® as a solution to future spills and to help maintain the surface water runoff and rivers that feed into the canal.

Short term goals:
We have recently gone thru another reorganization, and I have taken over the Hawaii operation as my own company. It is my commitment to maintain our high quality service and availability of EM•1® products to our customers. We will soon be launching a new website which will showcase our new look and latest activities.

Long term goals:
EM Technology® was first developed by professor Teruo Higa for sustainable agriculture, our long term goal is to be recognized by the local industry- “Hawaii Agriculture Awards” which honors significant contributions to the local agricultural industry. Introduce EM Technology® to new customers and serving them profitably to enable us to support EM Technology® Network’s nonprofit activities


Hiromichi Nago, president
EM Hawaii, LLC.
560 N. Nimtz Hwy., Ste 217A, Honolulu,HI 96817
Ph / fax: 808-548-0396

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