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ImageThis gold colored liquid is made especially for human consumption using EM technology®. It consists of the extracts of whole grain rice, rice bran, papaya, and kelp in water, processed naturally, the EM® way.

Immune System Support
The human immune system is very vital for good and sustained health. Therefore, it is important that we eat foods that support its health and well being. Foods that contain immune system activating substances (such as polysaccharides) include mushrooms, seaweeds, fermented food products, green tea, and vegetable oils. *

Not only is it essential to eat foods that support immune system health, it is just as important to eliminate factors that lead to the weakening of the immune system. Stressful life patterns, heavy work loads, and mental anguish build up unbearable stress and may have a negative effect on the immune system. Having a positive outlook is a key factor in maintaining the health of our immune system. *

Healthy Intestines Keep Us Healthy
Eating a low fat diet and shifting from a fatty meat diet to a diet high in vegetable protein can help develop a healthy intestinal microflora. These changes favor the growth of beneficial microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria and certain kinds of yeasts, and help keep them healthy and active. Keeping our intestinal microflora healthy is vital in maintaining our own health and well being. *

How can we enhance beneficial intestinal microorganisms?
It is necessary to supply the intestines with beneficial microorganisms in order to maintain and help increase their numbers. Some fermented food products that contain lactic acid bacteria, such as yogurt and Korean pickles (kimchee), seasonal fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, fermented soybeans (natto), and soybean paste (miso) are highly effective in providing beneficial microorganisms. *

Brown rice and dietary fiber are important components of a low fat diet because they enhance the health of the good microflora. On the other hand, the presence of large quantities of fat and meat proteins in the intestines diminishes the activity and the multiplication of the beneficial bacteria, causing the good bacteria to be excreted without providing their full beneficial effect, despite a daily intake of foods that contain beneficial microorganisms. Chewing your food properly enhances the environment of the good bacteria which generate substances that are vital for the maintenance of our health and well being. The more good microorganisms that you have, the easier it is to keep the undesirable microorganisms in check. *

What is EM-X®
EM-X® is a proprietary blend of brown rice, rice bran, papaya fruit, and seaweed in pure water that has been fermented using our unique, proprietary process, then micro-filtered to provide you with a drink that is 100% natural. Since EM-X® contains only substances that support the growth of beneficial microorganisms and substances that the good microorganisms produced, it provides a perfect environment for the beneficial intestinal microorganisms to flourish. *

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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